"au pire" by salut beauté, the podcast to conquer the world with complete peace of mind

brenda <3 - 18/02/2022

It's always strange - and reassuring - to imagine that every project, every success, every accomplishment once started out empty. By nothing. Nothingness. A success story, if it seems shiny and smooth when it imposes itself on us, as if it were obvious, instantaneous, run in advance, has necessarily been built on its share of galleys, doubts and failures. In any story, the key words are always perseverance, effort, work. Because talent is a necessary thing, but far from sufficient. And luck, if it exists, provokes itself.

But we know it: all this way, it is terrifying. This mountain that we have in front of us before launching, it is dizzying.

You have to go there without looking back, take the risk. Others have done it before us and survived. So why not us ?

And then, at worst...

a podcast on the philosophy of audacity

louane - hi beauty - podcast at worst

Remembering recording with Louane ❤️

The notion of audacity is very important to us. With Brenda, there is clearly a part of us that firmly believes that, if we put our minds to it, not much is impossible. It may sound a little easy to say, but it's extremely powerful.

It is therefore quite natural that we wanted to analyze, to dissect this audacity, this determination, its ins and outs. Understand what inhibited it, too: why are some people bold and others not? Risk is, in fact, the corollary of audacity. Why do some people choose to take risks and others don't? What if, ultimately, the risk had to be qualified? What are we really risking? At worst, what can happen?

To try to find answers to all these questions, we called on entrepreneurs, artists, "doers" - people who started from nothing and who built a project with boldness and of ambition. We wanted to understand what inhabited them, what had pushed them to embark on the unknown and to believe in themselves at a time when no one else would have given them even the benefit of the doubt.

elise goldfarb and julia layani - podcast at worst - hi beauty

Recording with Elise Goldfarb & Julia Layani. A big moment.

"au pire", the story behind the name of the podcast

At first, we wanted to call the podcast "from scratch". For obvious reasons: to understand the genesis of a project, the construction, the emergence from the ground.

Then, by re-listening to all the episodes, we realized that almost all the guests had pronounced, at some point in the interview, these two words: "at worst". "at worst we will have had a good time and we will have learned a lot of stuff", "at worst I took back my pilgrim's staff and I was going to look for work", "at worst, I'm not going to die of it" and so on.

It is therefore a common denominator: all the people at the initiative of a project, to find the strength to get started, put failure into perspective and, thereby, free themselves from the fear of failure.

"au pire" therefore imposed itself on us as an evidence.

marion séclin - hi beauty - podcast at worst

The immense Marion Seclin. To listen without moderation !

season 1, from the Empress to Elise & Julia via Shanty Biscuits

As you can imagine, in this podcast, we mainly give the floor to women. But not only. Above all, we wanted very diverse profiles, which would allow us to explore several visions, several universes: music, media, entrepreneurship, influence, cinema, foodtech, cosmetics to name a few. .

We are very proud of this season 1, because all the guests opened their hearts to us, talked about their struggles, their sometimes winding journey, their state of mind, their awareness and their philosophy of life. .

Beauties, we hope you'll have as much fun listening to season 1 as we had making it. In any case, we put all our heart and all our energy into it.



Brenda & Brenda

The Empress - hi beauty - podcast at worst

Her Serene Highness The Empress in full. This record will be remembered as the hottest day of 2021. Literally.

“au pire”, the podcast to listen to to conquer the world in complete serenity. Available on all listening platforms from February 27, 2022.

A huge thank you to all our guests this season: Louane, L'Impératrice, Elise Goldfarb, Julia Layani, Julia Bijiaoui (Frichti), Juliette Lévy (Oh my Cream), Shanty Baehrel & Marion Séclin.