hi beauty: the brand that revisits the uniform and already adopted by angèle

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Posted by Géraldine Verheyen on October 28, 2019
Launched in 2019 by a duo of young designers with a pop universe, salut beauté has risen in barely 1 year to the rank of the most prominent brands of the moment. His particuliarity ? It reinvents the uniform with must-have capsules with workwear accents. An offbeat universe that quickly seduced stylish girls, Angèle in the lead.
angela in red suit hello beauty

Photo: Rita Braz

Retro influences, graphic cuts and details that hit the mark... By launching "the new uniform", the French brand hi beauty , born in 2019, couldn't have aimed more accurately. The principle ? To offer the perfect uniform, a jacket-trousers set with workwear accents, to wear every day, ready to put on. Result ? The first capsule of this young label consists of 5 revisited iconic uniforms: the worker, the astronaut, the pilot, the detective and the soldier.

Behind this brand hide Sarah and Mathilde , alias Brenda and Brenda , two businesswomen and friends who wanted to offer today's uniform. In 2017, when they met at the age of 24, the designers made it a point of honor to make their capsules in a sustainable way. The materials are thus selected with the greatest care, from scraps for the most part from the largest luxury houses. Their favorite material? Wool blend, often used for men's suits, favored for its perfect fit and its supple and airy side. The buttons are designed by hand and the same goes for the clothing labels, whose messages are always punctuated with a touch of humour. " For us, self-mockery in fashion is unquestionably 'The New Cool'! ", assure the stylists. A humor that is reflected in the brand's campaigns, but also through an Instagram account with vintage accents, mixing fashion, art and architecture, always with a fun touch. It is therefore not surprising that this quirky and unique universe quickly seduced Angèle . While touring festivals this summer, the Belgian opted for the "Sherlock" uniform inspired by those of detectives and declined in terracotta.
angele wears a uniform hi beauty
angèle in hi beauty costume (the sherlock uniform)
angele red pants concert hello beauty
hi beauty red suit concert hi beauty
Photos: Patricia Galand