our workshops

who makes your uniforms?

the making

all our pieces are made in tunisia, not far from tunis, in the workshops of mulliez-flory, a bicentenary french company, originally specializing in image clothing and professional clothing (in other words, uniforms, real !).

the company has unique expertise and know-how. it is a great opportunity and a great honor for us to be able to benefit from this know-how and to learn daily alongside the teams.

the company, established for 200 years in the choletais basin (near nantes), relocated a few years ago part of its production chain in tunisia, in the south-west of tunis. this is where our parts are made!

we carry out the design and the model-making in-house, in paris.

their commitments

csr certification 26001

the mulliez-flory company is csr 26001 certified by ecocert france. in this context, it is committed, for example, to reducing its energy consumption, sorting waste and recycling packaging, ethical production and the sourcing of eco-responsible materials.

the company is constantly in a dynamic of innovation, always seeking to reduce the environmental impact of its textile production through pragmatic and concrete solutions. we are fully aligned with its values ​​and are proud to count them among our privileged partners.