"love, girls & beauty", the collab signed salut beauté, superbe & clap

brenda <3 - 03/12/2020

"Love, girls & beauty", the 2020 Christmas girl power collab signed by salut beauté, Superbe & Clap

Alongside the two inspiring Superbe and Clap, salut beauté signs the power, pink and glowy collab girl of this Christmas 2020. Together, we have co-designed a capsule collection bringing together eight pieces, each more flamboyant than the other, including two velvet costumes (upcycled of course), two Clap jewels and two pieces of Superb lingerie.

We thought of the pieces as collector's items, flamboyant pieces that have the power to reveal the Beyoncé that lies dormant in each of us. It's the kind of pieces that change your mindset, with which you feel invincible, ready to fight.

Inspired by the aesthetics of the 80s and its retro soap operas, the pieces in the collection have an undeniable potential for good vibes and empowerment. From the pink sequined bodysuit to the "vulva" Clap to the oversized pink velvet suit, these collector's pieces, made in very limited editions, have been designed to give women strength (and to dance / sing to the hilt). -head on Cyndi Lauper).

A supercharged concentrate of sorority

Placed under the sign of sisterhood, this collaboration is a way to celebrate women, to tell them about them, to tell them to dare.

To create the “Love, girls & beauty” campaign, we called on a 100% female cast, including photographer Aubane Desprès, models Pénélope and Valentine Montazel, and make-up artist Graziella Pilleux. We really wanted a concentrate of good vibes and sisterhood, to represent our girl gang and inspire our communities. Loving and supporting each other between girls is the key for us.

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