the creation of our pieces

put creation back at the heart

after years of fast-fashion and compulsive consumption, it's a bit as if we had forgotten that a garment, before ending up on a rack, is the culmination of a long creative process. it is a concentrate of know-how, hard work, people, imagination and technique.

at salut beauté, we develop all our pieces from a to z, in paris. the development is the research of volumes upstream (cuts, materials, silhouettes), the realization of the sketch and the canvas, as well as the creation of the patronage and the fitting of the prototypes. it is a long and laborious process, little known to consumers and which can vary from one house to another. at hi beauty, this process takes about 6 months.

how does it actually work?

it all starts with a clean sheet, like any creative process. and to choose the right direction, what better than to speak directly to the main people concerned, that is to say you, our very dear community? every 3 or 4 months, we provide you with a questionnaire, allowing you to formulate your desires, your needs and your areas for improvement.

then follows long weeks of research, moodboards, pinterest boards and fiery brainstorming. where do we put this button? how do you drop this sleeve? how many centimeters should the slit be? so many questions of the utmost importance, which will give the garment its soul.

the stages of creation

after having made a freehand sketch (made by brenda herself), we entrust it to our superstar modeler who will, on this basis, make a canvas by hand. the canvas is the moment when the garment comes to life for the first time: it is quite simply the piece made from an unbleached cotton fabric, on which we will be able to make annotations, cut tests, up to what it seems perfect to us (several fabrics are generally necessary to achieve the desired result, especially when the cut is complex - we are talking about 2 to 3 fittings which can last several hours).

once the canvas has finally been validated, our pattern maker carries out a pattern. in other words, it will cut out all the “pieces” of the garment.

it is only after all these steps that we can finally make a prototype in the final fabric. the garment finally comes to life, as a whole.