the observation

when you create your fashion brand in the 21st century, there are elements that you cannot ignore. how can we be part of a revival and avoid at all costs reproducing the pitfalls of this industry, which has become the most polluting in the world?

for our part, we have chosen upcycling, a method allowing us to reuse already produced fabrics to avoid producing ourselves. so far, it's pretty simple, we use the existing to create something new.


let's immediately lift the veil on this strange word that we hear everywhere. upcycling is simply recycling (literally "upcycling"). it is the action of recovering materials or even unused clothes, intended for destruction, to make other clothes. in the case of salut beauté, it is the action of recovering pre-produced fabrics (which are often called offcuts or ends of stock) to make new clothes.

unique pieces

upcycling offers a great creative framework. our brains only really get going when we have found the ideal fabric. creating from the existing is certainly a challenge, but it is undoubtedly what gives birth to the most unique and daring pieces.

our fabrics

concretely, what does this mean at salut beauté? we are constantly on the lookout for off-cuts and end-of-series fabrics that meet our quality and eco-responsibility criteria. we mainly work with french fabric manufacturers who have end of stock. recently, we have also been recovering the offcuts of certain French brands.