Why ?

every time we release a new piece, we release it for preorder. Why ? because it allows us to adjust our quantities precisely and not to overproduce. elementary my dear brenda.

we are convinced that pre-ordering and the expectation it generates is also a way of reviewing our relationship with clothing. and it is this awareness, we are convinced of it, which is the only one capable of triggering a change in our mode of consumption and, consequently, in industry. because industry will only change if it is forced to do so by consumption habits.

how long will I wait for my preorder?

our delivery times for pre-orders vary from approximately 4 to 8 weeks. don't panic beauties, an estimated delivery date is always specified on the product sheets!

we keep you informed by email of all the progress concerning the manufacture of your preorders (receipt of supplies, start of manufacture, shipping, etc.).

we also answer all your questions on instagram or by email at