our history

hi, ich bin brenda

the founders

hello, we are mathilde and sarah, brenda and brenda for friends.

our adventure began at the beginning of 2019: at that time, we dropped everything. we left our first job in a parisian start-up to take the plunge. we both wanted to create, to push our limits, to write a story that would really be like us.

from the beginning, we had a fixed idea: the costumes. uniforms to conquer the world. uniforms to give strength to women. uniforms to accompany them in all their adventures.

our vision

uniforms to conquer the world

"salut beauté".


two words so simple that nevertheless express so many things: audacity, freedom, self-confidence but also humor, friendship, sisterhood...


our mission: to create powerful, daring and comfortable uniforms that will give you wings in all circumstances and increase your badass potential. all without procrastinating for hours in front of your wardrobe. yes, we have no time to lose, we have a world to conquer.