I have questions about one of your products, who should I contact? Asset 1

send a message to , we will be happy to answer your questions.

where are your clothes made? Asset 1

our pieces are developed in paris and manufactured in the workshops of mulliez-flory, a french family group, in the southwest of tunis in tunisia. you will know everything about the manufacture of our parts here .

how do you select your subjects? Asset 1

you will know everything about the selection of our materials here .

where can i buy hi beauty clothes? Asset 1

on the salut beauté website, at the galeries lafayette haussmann (3rd floor, restaurant space) and at the samaritaine (rivoli entrance).

how can i try on the parts? Asset 1

if you live in paris, you can try our pieces at the galeries lafayette haussmann or at the samaritaine.

I need advice on sizes, cuts, the meaning of life, who do I contact? Asset 1

all our sheets are equipped with precise size guides and a size recommender. however, if you need more information, send a message to , we will be happy to answer you.

I want to make a gift to someone but I don't know what to choose, what to do? Asset 1

you can now offer a gift card of the amount of your choice right here.

the amount of the gift card I want to order is not available, what should I do? Asset 1

you can write to us directly at and we will generate a gift card for the amount in question.

is it possible to pay in 3 installments free of charge? Asset 1

yes it is possible, from 100 euros! you just have to select the "payment in 3 installments" option when validating your basket.

what is upcycling and how do you apply it at salut beauté? Asset 1

everything is explained here .

Are these recovered fabrics of good quality? Asset 1

upcycling allows us to have access to high quality materials, sometimes used in the biggest houses, at a lower cost.

Contrary to what one might think, the fact of "recovering" materials is not synonymous with poor quality, quite the contrary. on the other hand, we choose our partners with care, so that this quality is guaranteed.

find out more about our selection of materials

how do I maintain my parts? Asset 1

you will find the washing instructions on the corresponding product sheet. however, we advise you to take great care of your pieces and to favor dry cleaning as much as possible.

can I have it delivered internationally? (outside of France) Asset 1

we can deliver worldwide. however, delivery costs may vary depending on the country: delivery costs are calculated automatically when validating the basket.

Please note: customs fees may be applied in certain countries outside the European Union. these are random and payable by the recipient.

How do I track the status of my order? Asset 1

when your order is shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with your package tracking number.

how long does a refund take? Asset 1

we proceed with the refund no later than 14 days after receipt of your package.

how to make a return? Asset 1

how to make an exchange? Asset 1

simply make a return by following the procedure described in the link above. you can then recommend directly on our site. we will refund your first order once the package has been received.

a question ? it's this way ! you can also send an email to .