free the nipple, the collab in front all(s) x salut beauté

brenda <3 - 01/11/2020

"let us clock in peace"

#freethenipple is a symbol of freedom. it is a cry from the heart. it's a “let us clock in peace”. and it is above all: the problem has never been and will never be our nipples. the problem is the objectification of the female body, it is the culture of rape.

salut beauté returns at the end of 2020 with a committed campaign, alongside the association en avant tout(s) .

from October 22, 2020, two t-shirts proudly displaying the inscription "free the nipple" will be available on our eshop. for each t-shirt sold, 5 euros will be donated directly to the association.

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forward all, beauties!

En avant tout(s) is a feminist and inclusive association that fights for gender equality and an end to violence against young women and LGBTQia+ people.

created by and for young people, it has set up the first innovative digital solution dedicated to listening to writing in france: a completely free and anonymous chat to be found on the website. at the same time, to also prevent this violence, en avant tout(s) offers awareness-raising in schools, universities and companies in order to deconstruct sexist stereotypes and violent behavior.

Since January 1, 2020, the association, via chat, has supported more than 1,300 victims of gender-based and sexual violence, whose average age is 24 years old. en avant tout(s) now aims to make chatting known to as many people as possible and to further extend its opening hours, in particular thanks to donations.

why "free the nipple"?

the famous formula "free the nipple" represents for us a symbol of the fight against sexism. we find this expression very powerful: it comes originally from a militant movement which highlights the absurdity of having to hide one's nipples as a woman, in opposition to men for whom it is not socially reprehensible. today, pop culture has completely appropriated it and you can see thousands of images with the hashtag "free the nipple", used simply for humorous purposes. it is this double hat that we liked. it is, after all, committed humour.

stronger together

in our opinion, everything is intimately linked: fashion, the representation of women, education, the dictates of society, inequalities, violence (physical, verbal and virtual).

it is a founding principle of the brand: in our opinion, when we propose a different representation of women in fashion, if only visually, this has long-term positive consequences on the way society perceives women and on how they view themselves.

the objective: to de-objectify women's bodies by representing them differently in fashion. then to oblivion the "inanimate" woman, whom we still see too often in fashion images. we want to see the ambitious, strong woman, with a keen sense of humor, who laughs out loud and doesn't apologize for being there. in short, we want to see you, the beauties!

thank you to all the beauties who joined the movement!

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