the fresh news of salut beauté

"au pire" by salut beauté, the podcast to conquer the world with complete peace of mind

It's always strange - and reassuring - to imagine that every project, every success, every accomplishment once started out empty. By nothing. Nothingness. A success story, if it seems shiny and smooth when it imposes itself on us, as if it were obvious, instantaneous, run in advance, has necessarily been...

brenda malefica : décryptage de la nouvelle campagne

brenda malefica: decoding the new campaign

"we are the granddaughters of the witches you failed to burn" There is a world, a story, an entire heritage behind the word witch. In this seemingly innocuous word lies the fight of our ancestors, the struggle of women for equality and against patriarchy since (at least) the 15th century....

remettre la création au coeur

put creation back at the heart

after years of fast-fashion and compulsive consumption, it's a bit as if we had forgotten that a garment, before ending up on a rack, is the culmination of a long creative process. it is a concentrate of know-how, hard work, people, imagination and technique. at salut beauté, we develop all...

les backstages de l’upcycling chez salut beauté

upcycling backstage at salut beauté

Beauties, let's take a quick jump back into 2019 if you don't mind. The covid did not exist, the birds were singing and the salut beauté adventure was just seeing the light of day, with two Brendas full of good will at the helm, not super solid on their support...

une marque peut-elle être engagée ?

can a brand be engaged?

Yesterday was International Women's Day. On this particular day, the actions multiply, the tributes fuse, Instagram ignites. As a woman, we can't help but, despite all the torments that remain and despite the long road still to be covered, to smile a smile of hope in front of so much...

"love, girls & beauty", the collab signed salut beauté, superbe & clap

"Love, girls & beauty", the 2020 Christmas girl power collab signed by salut beauté, Superbe & Clap Alongside the two inspiring Superbe and Clap, salut beauté signs the power, pink and glowy collab girl of this Christmas 2020. Together, we have co-designed a capsule collection bringing together eight pieces, each...

réflexions sur le black friday

thoughts on black friday

Since the creation of salut beauté, we haven't taken part in Black Friday for one single reason: we didn't have any stock to sell and practicing discounts during Black Friday would have made no sense. That being said, here is our reflection on the subject which, we hope, will be...

free the nipple, la collab en avant toute(s) x salut beauté

free the nipple, the collab in front all(s) x salut beauté

hi beauty returns at the end of 2020 with a committed campaign, alongside the association en avant tout(s) .

from October 22, 2020, two t-shirts proudly displaying the inscription "free the nipple" will be available on our eshop. for each t-shirt sold, 5 euros will be donated directly to the association.

#ElleFashionCrush : salut beauté et sarenza signent l’uniforme de l’automne

#ElleFashionCrush: salut beauté and sarenza sign the fall uniform

published on September 23, 2020 by Capucine Tissot The Parisian label is teaming up with Sarenza to play down fall fashion. The result is more than successful. Founded by Mathilde Gindre and Sarah Nimir, two 26-year-old friends from Paris, salut beauté has been committed since its inception to defending fun...

salut beauté : la mode au futur

salut beauté: fashion in the future

They grow diamonds, recycle fabrics, see the future differently... And invent bags, clothes, jewelry that we like . Portraits of trendy young creative people.

salut beauté : la marque qui revisite l'uniforme et déjà adoptée par angèle

hi beauty: the brand that revisits the uniform and already adopted by angèle

Launched in 2019 by a duo of young designers with a pop universe, salut beauté has risen in barely 1 year to the rank of the most prominent brands of the moment. His particuliarity ? It reinvents the uniform with must-have capsules with workwear accents. An offbeat universe that quickly seduced stylish girls, Angèle in the lead.